Live 1:1 Online Phonics Classes

All lessons are taught Live 1:1 Online in the convenience of your home by Top 99.9th percentile of certified tutors.

Learning Phonics will also enhance your children ability to hear, identify, and manipulate letter symbols with their appropriate sound.

Most of the time, while a child practices reading, they are required to sit still and quietly so that they can focus on the task at hand.

Research Benefits of Kiya Learning Online Phonics


The Brain Trains

Reading itself is a complex mental activity that can help increase a reader's intelligence by developing new nerve pathways in the brain. Phonics lets kids see the letters written on a page and has the tools to understand them properly.


Improves Vocabulary and Language Capture

Extensive reading helps children expand their vocabulary and general knowledge. With Phonics, young readers can develop their reading comprehension and decode new words as they read. In practice, you can easily understand the meaning of words while reading.


Helps To Be Resourceful and Empathetic

As children develop their reading skills and learn about people, places, and events outside of their own experience, they begin to think about how they will feel in that situation. They see the world with new eyes and better describe the descriptions of what they read.


The Learning Experience Is Fun

Phonics lessons are often designed to be fun and engaging for children. For example, games are often tied to lessons, and the images accompanying the lessons are usually vivid. This method is intended to enhance the learning experience.

Choose Your Curriculums Below
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L-1 Phonics Fundamentals (Age- 4 To 5)
Our Phonics Fundamentals course helps children decode complex English alphabetic code through illustrated songs, actions, and illustrated books. Our experienced and well-trained teachers customize the program to the needs of every child in the classroom.
In the Phonics Fundamentals, we provide-
• Learn the 42 sounds of English with Jolly Phonics
• Blend the sounds to read words, phrases & sentences
• Identify the sounds in a word to spell (Dictation)
• Learn 72 frequently used tricky words
• Learn the 22 alternative vowel spellings
• Develop the ability to read age-appropriate books
• Make simple sentences for picture writing independently
L-2 Phonics Advanced (Age- 6 To 7)
Our advanced phonics course strengthens and combines acquired reading skills. The focus shifts to spelling rules, spelling patterns and vocabulary development. As children learn spelling patterns, they are introduced to parts of language, ties, and punctuation. You are encouraged to develop simple, correct grammar and punctuation sentences on your own. This step-by-step process develops good early writing skills and reading comprehension.
In the Phonics Advanced, we provide-
• Consolidation of phonics knowledge
• Learn spelling rules of English
•Learn spelling patterns and syllabication with Jolly Grammar
• Nurture the love for reading through exposure to books of International authors
• Understanding parts of speech and tenses with activities & worksheets
• Working knowledge of punctuations
L-3 Great Grammar (Age- 8 To 9)
Independent and creative writing is the main objective of this course. Extensive training is provided in identifying the different parts of speech used in a sentence. Newly learned grammar skills are tested weekly through writing pictures, rewriting stories, writing topics, and other writing activities.
In the Great Grammar, we provide-
• Identify the different parts of speech in a sentence through Jolly Grammar
• Learn to use simple present, past and future with continuous tenses
• Learn irregular past tense forms
• Understand subject-verb agreement
• Learn to make interrogative and imperative sentences
• Enhance and hone the independent writing skills
• Learn various techniques and steps for writing creatively
L-4 Super Scholars (Age- 9 & Above)
This course improves students' language skills by applying some of the most well known and widely used methods in UK schools. Teachers encourage their students to read books from the class library and the tools are used to measure their understanding/comprehension skills through tests, book reviews, and plays. Writing is taken to a higher level (developing their language) using previously taught grammar, vocabulary, conjunctions, sentence openers and punctuation. You get fluent and accurate in writing.
In the Super Scholars, we provide-
• Rebuild the reading habit among children
• To evaluate students reading ability with reports
• To help students progress from one ZPD level to the next.
• To write with independently and creatively with higher standards
• To express their thoughts /opinions fluently and accurately