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International Baccalaureate (IB)




Primary, Middle Year & Diploma IB Tuition in Singapore

Kiya Learning provides IB tuition for all IB tutorial programs: IB Primary Years (Age 3 – 12), IB Middle Years (Age 11 – 14) and IB Diploma/ Career-related Program (Age 15 – 19).

IB Primary Years program (PYP):

IB students begin PYP from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6, starting at the age of 3 to 12. This program focuses on subjects such as language, social studies, math, science, and technology, Arts as well as personal, social and physical lessons. PYP students will also learn a second language during the program. A good IB or IGCSE mentor who teaches PYP online 1:1 can make a big difference in helping your child with their IB-PYP program. Our IB educators will prepare your child for the challenges ahead of their IB educational journey and oversee the assessment and assignments they may have.

IB Middle Years (MYP) program:

This tutorial program is for IB students ages 11-14 and aimed to prepare IB students for the two-year IB Diploma Program (ICDP). There are many personal projects where students choose an academic or non-academic subject to complete the course during this program. It may seem like a daunting task for your child to take part in all of the latest MYP topics, but with one-to-one tuition of IB, they’ll get the right guidance to master and build their confidence and learning skills across all kinds of academic barriers!

IB Diploma Program (DP):

This program is a two-year educational course aimed primarily at IB students aged 15-19. When IBDP students complete this program, they can get higher education. DP certificates are accepted worldwide and recognized by many universities around the world. IBDP students must complete assessments in 6 topics and rate them using internal and external assessments. In addition to written tests, there are also oral presentations, practical activities and many written assignments. IB classes for DP will help your child better understand and deal with all kinds of vulnerable areas. He can also keep up with all the quick presentations under the guidance of our IB instructors.

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